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Thursday, 07 February 2013 11:15

The new Secure Mobile Communications for Industry from Cadre Consultants helps you better understand the risks inherent in the use of mobile technology. It also discusses tactics you can use to protect yourself.

As someone working with sensitive information, mobile communications are inherently insecure and expose users working in sensitive environments to risks that are not easy to detect or overcome. This guide is designed to help you navigate these challenges.

We outline the risks and offer tips to help mitigate them. Cadre's primary goal is to help you make better decisions about using your mobile phone as a regular, commercial or military user, rights defender, or activist.

The Cadre secure communications course is written with the user in mind and covers Mobile Network Basics, Advanced solutions, Reporting with your Phone, Sending sensitive data, and considering for Social Media use on your phone.

There is much more available at such as resources, apps, and training materials to help make you and your mobile communications more secure.



When protecting against corporate espionage you can’t leave anything to chance. An overlooked surveillance device recording even for a few minutes has the potential to cause large amounts of financial or operational damage. Effective Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) requires equipment capable of detecting modern surveillance threats and up-to-date training in product operation and the application of TSCM.

Cadre Consultants provides in-depth training both in the use of our equipment and in technical surveillance awareness and countermeasures. At Cadre, we believe that TSCM is a continuous learning process. With technology advancing rapidly, technical surveillance is an ever-changing security threat. All Cadre Consultants training courses are continuously updated to take into account the latest corporate espionage and surveillance threats and contain information on the latest countermeasures techniques. The Cadre learning experience is built on over many years experience in the industry and offers comprehensive solutions that put the TSCM sweeping capability into your hands.

• Gain knowledge of corporate espionage and the electronic eavesdropping threat

• Learn how to perform threat assessments, write a security plan and effectively use TSCM equipment

• Tailor training courses to meet your particular requirement


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