Media Safety Consultancy

Need to work in hostile environments? Cadre Consultants can deliver various solutions to improve the safety outcomes for you and your team.

Safety Procedure Guidance

If your organisation is operating in a hostile environment, then having effective safety procedures in place can save lives. Cadre is able to write Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for various circumstances. Cadre is also able to review and update existing safety procedures to ensure your SOPs are as accurate as possible. 

Safety Workshops

Cadre Consultants regularly hold safety training workshops for teams within organisations. These Safety workshops will be tailored to your needs and can be delivered over a few hours or weeks. These workshops are currently delivered virtually, with participants being able to access a whole host of learning aids on our online learning center: Cadre Academy.

Safety Planning

If you are planning an assignment in a hostile region then a Cadre Consultant can help you to integrate safety considerations into your final reporting plan. We can support you in your threat modelling, risk assessment or writing the complete operational plan. We can deliver the specific strategies and advice that you need to improve safety by minimising risk and reduce exposure.

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